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Local Artists

Florijn is proud to showcase the works of Wellesley-Area artists.  We are currently featuring original artwork by:

Elizabeth Cohen

I am an independent studio potter working in porcelain, creating functional ware and sculptural pieces. I strive to make elegant, minimalist work that enhances daily living. As an autodidactic potter, I enjoy problem solving. My passion for ceramics, which began in my childhood, drives my never-ending curiosity to develop new work. My experience as a mother of three and a high school English teacher have grounded me with life perspective and multi-tasking skills. I enjoy teaching, exhibiting nationally, serving on the Board of Directors of Studio Potter Journal, community outreach, and my being with my family.

Organic elements in nature such as flowers, fruits, seeds, shells, plants and cells inform my work. I am interested in the play of shadow and light, and the contrast of soft and hard in clay forms. The varied metaphorical nuances in nesting sets, such as family, security, comfort, and aging intrigue me as well. I mix my own glaze which has micro-crystals that reflect light, like the glow of wet skin.

I welcome inquiries about commissioned work both residential and commercial, as well as workshop and other teaching opportunities.

Robert Pillsbury

"My art represents order and discipline. I strive to create the third dimension from two dimensional materials- layers of cut paper and other sheet materials. My work is defined by intricate patterns and textures that emphasize the play of light and shadow. My work is complex and requires skill and patience in order to achieve the ultimate effect. I use color to enhance the textures and three dimensional quality. My work is all hand-cut (no computer cutters). I enjoy the creation and construction of my art as much as the aesthetic of the finished work. Concerning the finished piece, I’m satisfied with my art if it portrays three dimensional surfaces and objects as I envisioned them."


Liz Roache

I began my art and design business 25 years ago when I painted huge canvases with color. I also began designing products for the international marketplace which sold in some of the world's most exclusive stores. This is when I fell in love with both art and design.

Around the same time, I met Ati Gropius, daughter of Bauhaus founder, Walter Gropius, and student of Josef Albers. Once I took courses from Ati, in both Color and Design, I followed her everywhere. Not only did I love what she taught, I also loved her experimental approach to teaching. Ati became my mentor and trainer for 26 years. I have now become her successor teaching Bauhaus Foundation Courses in Two Dimensional Design and Three Dimensional Thinking. I also teach the Josef Albers course, The Interaction of Color. Ati and I have taught at prestigious institutions such as The Museum of Modern Art.

Carol Workinger Bio

Carol Workinger Design is a working jewelry studio located in the heart of Chelsea producing handmade artisan jewelry. Carol creates jewelry for the everyday woman and embodies the belief that luxury should be accessible. Trained as a fine jeweler in New York and London, her jewelry is the perfect combination of impeccable style and a down-to-earth point of view. 

As owner and artistic director of the studio, Carol’s creative focus and intuitive sense of style allow her to create jewelry that defies trend. Known for her meticulously crafted jewelry, she has a loyal and dedicated following.  Carol continuously explores novel ways to mix the raw with the refined and her priority is always on craftmanship, innovation and design integrity.