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Local Artists

florijnHOME is proud to showcase the works of Wellesley-Area artists.  We are currently featuring original artwork by:

Elizabeth Cohen

I am an independent studio potter working in porcelain, creating functional ware and sculptural pieces. I strive to make elegant, minimalist work that enhances daily living. As an autodidactic potter, I enjoy problem solving. My passion for ceramics, which began in my childhood, drives my never-ending curiosity to develop new work. My experience as a mother of three and a high school English teacher have grounded me with life perspective and multi-tasking skills. I enjoy teaching, exhibiting nationally, serving on the Board of Directors of Studio Potter Journal, community outreach, and my being with my family.

Organic elements in nature such as flowers, fruits, seeds, shells, plants and cells inform my work. I am interested in the play of shadow and light, and the contrast of soft and hard in clay forms. The varied metaphorical nuances in nesting sets, such as family, security, comfort, and aging intrigue me as well. I mix my own glaze which has micro-crystals that reflect light, like the glow of wet skin.

I welcome inquiries about commissioned work both residential and commercial, as well as workshop and other teaching opportunities.

Robert Pillsbury

"My art represents order and discipline. I strive to create the third dimension from two dimensional materials- layers of cut paper and other sheet materials. My work is defined by intricate patterns and textures that emphasize the play of light and shadow. My work is complex and requires skill and patience in order to achieve the ultimate effect. I use color to enhance the textures and three dimensional quality. My work is all hand-cut (no computer cutters). I enjoy the creation and construction of my art as much as the aesthetic of the finished work. Concerning the finished piece, I’m satisfied with my art if it portrays three dimensional surfaces and objects as I envisioned them."



Alyson Adelman Wells

A New York native and graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, she currently calls Wellesley, MA her home. Her signature style is inspired by her travels abroad, studies in the Big Apple, and a decade of coastal living in Los Angeles. Her fine arts and fashion background, along with ten years in the floral and interior design industries, have inspired her use of color, texture, and shape within each and every creation. During the design process, she always incorporates metal, natural gemstones, leather-sometimes a combo of all three-to create hip, organic pieces that reflect her personal style and make this lifestyle brand stand out from the crowd.

“In case you’re wondering how the name of my business came to be, I really have my oldest son to thank for that. While I was pregnant with him, people would ask me, ‘What sign will your baby be?’ And there you have it. What’s Your Sign Baby?!” -Alyson Adelman-Wells


Carol Hudson

Carol Hudson is a Wellesley based Floral Designer and Master Gardener. She is most inspired when she can combine fresh flower market florals with locally sourced foraged branches, flowers, plants & mosses to create stunning, one-of-a-kind personalized events. When she visits special places, she always collects interesting bits of nature and works them into her arrangements. Last year she took this to a new level by experimenting with preserving plant material to bring the beauty of some of her favorite outdoor spaces to live on indoors in a way that they could be enjoyed all year long. Her moss pieces are a fun way to combine her love of plants and nature with her love of creating.

Carol’s moss pieces are made up of a preserved mix of reindeer moss, forest moss and Spanish Moss, along with other vines, ferns, and branches. No watering is needed. Requires no maintenance. For indoor use only.


Perennial Designs-Lisa Calderone

Perennial Designs has been creating distinctive, permanent botanical décor in the Boston and MetroWest area for over 20 years. Our unique and custom designs give homes, offices and events a finishing touch. Our seasonal designs are the perfect accent for every day and holidays.

Owner and principal designer, Lisa Calderone, sources the highest quality, artificial plants, flowers, greenery, twigs and branches so that our handcrafted arrangements truly fool the eye. The studio's designs reflect current styles and trends. Most importantly, every arrangement is custom.

There was a time when "faux" flowers were a faux pas, but no longer. Thanks to advancements in materials and fabrication, today's permanent botanicals are so realistic and beautiful you will not have to compromise on your commitment to quality and style.


Dari Pillsbury

Dari Pillsbury is a Wellesley-based photographer who has specialized in family portraiture for almost 20 years. She studied at the International Center of Photography in New York City before opening up her Newbury Street Studio, Dari Michele Photography, in 2001. Dari’s most recent project, “Favorite Things”, has her focusing on fine-art photography with a very personal twist: portraits of cherished objects. The result is a modern representation of your most special things…your child’s tattered “lovey,” your baby’s first tiny pair of Chick Taylors, or your husband’s much-abused college football helmet.  What’s your favorite thing?

Each dear subject is photographed in a studio setting and a print is made on superior grade photographic paper. Next, the print is “face-mounted” onto a frameless piece of ¼ inch thick acrylic. Unlike traditional glass framing where the light simply passes, through, the light refracts within the acrylic “frame” creating exceptional vibrancy. Each piece is finished with a Douglas fir and wire hang system, which allows the piece to float 3/4” from the wall.


Helena Kocis

With a background in chemistry, Helena’s career evolved through working as an information scientist in drug research and development. She collaborated on projects across different functions with people of many different cultures and backgrounds.

Beyond that she has established and headed an Art Committee, and for many years was responsible for budget, art selection and art installation. She also worked closely with the site directors, architects and facilities managers to develop concepts for new informal collaborating spaces and innovation cafes as well as new office spaces. As an artist by herself she was also able to draw inspiration from science and has created many site-specific art installations. Her artwork has been placed in many different office and private spaces in Boston area and Washington, DC.

Helena has always been creative and solution oriented, and through her diverse skills and interests, both technical and artistic – she has changed her career by moving into an art consulting business.


Carly Donohue

In 2014, while living in Rowayton, CT, Carly bought art supplies from a local art store and began creating designs that made her smile. Using paper, paint, scissors and glue, she layers varied combinations of color, shapes, and texture into happy and energetic pieces. All collages are hand-crafted in her home studio (now in Sherborn, Massachusetts) with love. Neon is the norm.

Susan Ryder

Every so often I ask myself what elements in my life bring the most joy. Top of the list is being surrounded by friends and family around a dining table enjoying love, laughter and good food.  A table full of joy. Also high on the list is making things. I have been a shoe designer my whole professional career. Designing shoes combines innovation and fashion and uses the best parts of technology and hand crafting. For years, I have used my free time to make pretty things out of paper.They mostly involve making table decorations for parties and my home.I draw from influences in shoe design including form, surface and edge treatments, construction techniques and light and shadow. Look closely and you will spot a few.Like my footwear designs, my paper designs strive for emotional connection. They provide the setting to let the people I love know how special they are.I have recently put some of these designs out into the world. My hope is that they add to your table full of joy.